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Why To Shop With Batteryanytime
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Warranty of Batteryanytime
Batteries are a blessing to people living in areas where power problems are immense. Frequent power cuts affect our moods as well as a lot of work. Imagine sitting before your computer, you are doing an essential job, and power cuts are being made. In such cases, it takes a backup to keep our work unchanged.
Now, the problem is which battery is to choose and which inverter is reliable and will solve our issues.Batteryanytime has a wide range of batteries of renowned brands, 100% authentic, and the manufacturer's warranty.
The assurance is now beneficial for any consumer who buys every specific product. The supplier can switch the appliance or fix the machine for a specified period, as determined by the company if the device is defective during its use without asking for money.
Battery Anytime has numerous warranty assurances as their suppliers have agreed. Exide, Amaron, Luminous, and Su-Kam batteries are available on this page, and the manufacturer has taken the last decision on their batteries.
When is the warranty to be claimed?
There is very little chance of any problem with the device, but we are there to help you if you face a certain type of problem. Whenever there's an issue installing the device or customers can not understand the proper functioning of the system, we will help you.
  • Battery technical problems.
  • The battery is not adequately charged or does not work for the number of hours needed.
  • Contact the customer service of the corresponding batteries for any problem. If the item is within the warranty period, consumers can receive free service.
How to claim during the Warranty Period for any product?
A protocol for reporting the item within the warranty period is followed. The repair or replacement of the material needs only a few original documents. The measures to be taken to assert the guarantee are:
Show the original documents: during the purchase of the item, consumers will be presented with bills and the warranty card. There must be the original copy of the bill and the loyalty cards to use for their product's warranty.
Call customer care: Each company has its own service centers that are specifically designed to solve their customers ' problems. Users will be provided with a specific customer care number. Therefore, in the event of any problem with the device, call the respective manufacturer's customer care service quickly. Provide the product/battery specifications to the representative and explain the problem you faced.
Schedule a Day: the various manufacturers ' customer care office professionals look into the problem and go for an inspection if assistance is required. You should fix a particular day; if you can explain the problems you faced, they will help you with it.
Note: Any manufacturer will entertain no warranty claims without the ORIGINAL WARRANTY CARD and INVOICE COPY. Some companies do not provide customers with a WARRANTY CARD in a few cases, and then the INVOICE COPY given to customers should be kept for warranty purposes.
Product manufacturers are only responsible for the promises or guarantees made during the product sale. You are liable to fix only the problems caused by some technical errors, whether you drop the battery, or if there is some harm caused by water, the supplier will not be responsible for the product.
Battery Anytime products are original, and therefore, the customers are provided with warranty services for whatever product they purchase.
Sales Support (Call/Whatsapp) 8377-949-949
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